A very special visit

Last week I had a very special visitor. Hanna was born here. She was a Gwennie Lynus puppy born October 19, 2000. This was my first litter.  Last fall she was here with her sister Gracie for a week or so. Still very interactive and playful at 16 years old. The past few weeks she has not been feeling well. Her mom brought her here for a visit knowing her time was close. I am so thankful for this time with her. We got to snuggle and she got out of the car for a little walk. Last night a got the message that Hanna went to heaven💔 she was such a special girl. Each puppy is a gift. Watching them grow and become members of their families is truely a blessing to watch as a breeder.

Can you tell which puppy Hanna is?❤️

A little down time

It’s nice when the puppies come to visit but they get so excited to see each other. They play until they are exhausted. A few days in they can just enjoy being together.

On to training

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Easter. 

Now that the puppies are 10 weeks old, I’m sure you’ve been working hard at house manners  and establishing your own routine. It’s great fun taking your puppy to new places. This past weekend, since Xena is still with me, we went on a few car rides. We visited the local Pet Value for food and treats. I needed to stop for people food. I gave Xena a bone to chew and kept the windows open a little. I ran into the store got what I needed. She was happily chewing when I returned, success! Every good experience builds confidence. 

This morning we had our first walk around the block. When you take your puppy new places be careful of a fear reaction. This is a normal stage. Our job is to make sure our puppy is secure. Xena was a little freaked about passing cars. When I heard a car coming, I picked her up and let her watch the car from my arms. By the fifth or sixth car she was happy to stand next to me. The last car she continued to walk with me.  Take time to let them explore new things then keep moving. Have fun!


It’s very important to get our puppies out and about. The more great experiences they can get, the better. Be careful to avoid dog parks and places where there is a high volume of dogs until all vaccines are done. That said, visiting family and friends is a good thing and introducing your puppy to family dogs.

  Xena and Dash went to see Sam and Cammie yesterday. They had a wonderful time and even took a nap.